If you’re looking to connect with other web designers on twitter. then this 100 web designers who use twitter will help you. This Twitter List will give you a chance to follow some very talented web designers. If you think we have missed out on your profiles feel free to comment and link the profile if you are interested.

1. Snook an internationally admired web designer and developer based in Ottawa, Canada, Jonathan Snook is a gifted creator of striking designs, impeccable markup and code, and forward-thinking ideas and applications that invariably win the respect of the top people in the industry.

2. Pieters a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. My personal journal is an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips.

3. Eric A. Meyer has been known to stand in front of groups and hold forth on subjects such as CSS, Web design, Web standards, Web browsers, and how they all go together.

4. Chris Pearson Web developer who specializes in building detailed, robust WordPress themes.

5. Collis is an Entrepreneur, Blogger and a Freelance Web Designer.

6. Ben Bleikamp is a college student, web guy and freelance designer. He love Apple, golf, and Ohio State.

7. David Airey, self-employed as a graphic designer and design consultant, specializing in identity projects (logos and business stationery).

8. Jacob Cass the founder of Just Creative Design and self-employed as a graphic designer, working in the fields of logo design, print design, web design and branding with the majority of his time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for small businesses such as logos, brochures, letterhead, business cards, email signatures.

9. Michael Martin writes about web design (blog design in particular!), coding, and WordPress on Problogdesign.com

10. Michael Castilla is the creator and the ideas man of WPCandy. He’s a 16 year old developer, currently living in Miami, Florida. Hes passionate about WordPress and using it to make the Web a better place.

11. Matt Harzewski a designer, coder, writer, and all-around web maniac.

12. Alen Grakalic is the founder of CSS Globe also Web Developer and Web Standards Designer.

13. Graham Smith is a cunning Geek & Freelance Ninja Graphic Designer launches himself into: Logos, Typography, Social Media, Branding, Photography, Blogging, Music & PHP.

14. Arthur Brown is a Houston Web designer focused on building CSS based SEO / SEM friendly website which are designed for maximum conversion.

15. Chris Coyier is a Designer, Developer, and Copywriter for many diverse clients.

16. Jeffrey Zeldman was one of the first designers, bloggers, and independent publishers on the web, and one of the first web design teachers.

17 Mike Rundle an interface designer and entrepreneur

18 Randaclay a graphic designer specializing in WordPress theme design and customization.

19 Cameron Moll Salt Lake City, Utah. based designer, author, speaker, or any combination of the three.

20 Andy Budd enjoys speaking at conferences and workshops as well as writing articles on the subject of web design based in Brighton, England.

21 Dan Cederholm founder and designer of Web Design Studio.

22 Dan Benjamin a writer, interface designer, and amateur photographer.

23 Molly E. Holzschlag is a well-known Web standards advocate, instructor, and author @ Molly.com. Also an invited expert to the HTML and GEO working groups at the World Wide Web Consortium.

24 Jeremy Keith an Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

25 Richard Rutter User experience designer, author and mountain biker.

26 Jeremy Keith is one of the industry’s most respected experts in the field of Javascipt and Ajax interactivity.

27 Simon Collison is a skillfully steering Erskine Design to orchestrated chaos.

28 Dave Shea is a Vancouver based freelance designer. Happy when designing, building, or creating something that didn’t previously exist.

29 Steve Smith, architects user interfaces and web designs. But it’s about more than just design, as he brings a passion for simplicity and usability.

30 Ryan Carson an entrepreneur and web advocate who has built two successful web applications; DropSend and Amigo.

31 Jon Phillips, blogger and designer by day, rock guitarist by night.

32 Warwick kay a web designer, that has a need to know everything about the web! Will probably fail, but damm it’s going to be fun.

33 Vinh Le a Blog designer. Psychology Student. Snowboarder. Blogger. Reader. Observer.

34 Johno Founder of ILT. Fond of fonts, taken by typefaces. Designer, writer, typophile, bibliophile, atheist.

35 Christian Watson Austin Based Web Designer run Smiley Cat Web Design.

36 Jennifer loves to design and love to create.

37 Anca Mosoiu is a multidisciplinary software product developer with twelve years of experience in the Internet and desktop software industry.

38 Andy Jacobson a Graphic Designer interested in reading, music, architecture, family, travel, technology, community, and finding the perfect solution.

39 Vlad Georgescum – Bucharest, Romania based User interface and Visual Identity Designer.

40 Pixels With Balls – making the web a better place.

41 Wes Wilson Founder and owner of Brandstack.com

42 Dainis Graveris, designer from Latvia, 20 years young and totally obsessed with design trends, developing web-sites using CSS, HTML, xhtml, wordpress and designing at Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks.

43 Steven Snell is a Web designer, blogger, and freelance writer.

44 Aaron Irizarry a designer, artist, God follower, father, husband, dodger fan, star wars geek, retired musician, canvas. And passionate about web design/development, and I love pretty much anything creative.

45 Artistech Dynamic Design & Production for the Web, Print and Video based in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

46 Jasonwalz is an art Director & Graphic Designer who enjoys an alcoholic beverage or two. jwalz.com

47 Niki is a graphic designer and illustrator.

48 Mike Smith is a blogger and blog designer. And create custom blog designs.

49 Rajesh Pancholis Design & Visual Communications Expert.

50 Spencer Fryis 24 year old entrepreneur living in Manhattan.

51 Ruth a graphic designer , who is chirpy and well dressed.

52 Andrew Taylor a Designer, drummer, type nerd and geek for life.

53 Zach Graeve a full-time graphic designer and marketing consultant based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

54 Design shard is a web designer specializing in CSS and xhtml.

55 Graphic Identity – Indonesian designer who blog about Photoshop Tutorial, Typography, Design Review, Design Gadget and Web Design.

56 Leon Poole from Creative World has been producing quality design solutions for the web and print.

57 Chris King works at RedCrownstudio with a talented team of designers, developers, and strategists passionate about using the internet to build brands.

58 Cristian Serur Designer at Webar Interactive, Creative Associate at Indiviso Studio, Freelancer.

59 Mikelet is Yorkshire UK based designer working @ 939 design Limited provides high quality web design, website development to web standards, inspirational graphic design, and multimedia.

60 Alex Harris a interactive creative director leading a team of web designers, my focus has been improving conversion rates for ecommerce web sites by creating sales funnels since 1999.

61 Mirko Humbert> is working as a freelancer web designer for more than 4 years now in my little city of Fribourg, Switzerland.

62 Antonio Lupetti is an Engineer, Pro Blogger, Mac user, Musician, Web Addicted based at ROME – ITALY.

63 Chris Spooner is a Graphic / Website Designer from Sheffield and the guy behind SpoonGraphics.co.uk.

64 Sean Hodge is the editor of PSDTUTS, a well-known Photoshop tutorial blog and known to frequently post on Smashing Magazine.

65 Tim Kadlec a web developer living and working in Wisconsin.

66 Dustin Brewer is an Oklahoma Freelance web designer passionate about web standards, and beautiful web design.

67 AdiiA Freelance Web Graphic Designer.

68 Cory Miller WordPress designer, blogging, premium WordPress themes and entrepreneurship.

69 Brian Gardner is a freelance web consultant living in the ‘burbs of Chicago.

70 Mike> is the creator and the ideas man of WPCandy. He is a 16 year old developer, currently living in Miami, Florida. He is passionate about WordPress and using it to make the Web a better place.

71 Fabio Sasso is an architect and designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

72 Nicholas Patten Video editor, Graphic/Web designer.

73 Luc Melgar Web designer, blogger, otaku, photographer wannabe, independent, foreign worker at Singapore.

74 Elmo is a geeky web designer, writer, and podcaster from oklahoma.

75 Sarah a Web Designer based in Essex UK.

76 Elliot Jay Stocks is a designer, writer, and speaker and runs his own web design business.

77 Mitchell McKenna is Tech Junkie and Social Media. Web Developer. Web Designer based in Ottawa, Canada.

78 Brad a New York based Web Designer.

79 Susanna King is a web and multimedia developer/designer.

80 Larissa meek is an 3D animator, interactive designer based in Florida. Also a Miss USA finalist.

81 Lynn Wallenstein Baltimore based Web Designer and Overall Idea Geek.

82 Schmutzie is a writer, photographer, web designer based in Canada.

83 Tony Chester, Owner of OnWired a progressive web design & development firm in North Carolina.

84 Bryan Pearson Web Designer and Photographer.

85 Jeff Croft is a web designer and developer living and working in Seattle.

86 Lukevdp Freelance web designer and internet marketer.

87 Dan Rubin is a Freelance web designer and internet marketer based in Australia.

88 1389 is a IT professional, 2D and 3D graphic artist, web designer, author.

89 Derek is a Speaker, Author, Accessibility Specialist and Group Lead of the Web Standards Project.

90 Jen Myers is a Ohio, based web designer and developer, a writer.

91 Grace Smith is a Freelance Web & Graphic Designer in love with web standards and social media.

92 Jim Callender is a UK based Web Designer, Developer UX, CSS, (X)HTML expert.

93 Milos Radovic is a Online media consultant, web designer and geek, based in Switzerland.

94 Jbrotherlove is a web designer/developer. blogger based in Atlanta, GA.

95 Jonic is a web designer/developer from York in the UK. Loves to make great-looking, functional websites using web standards.

96 Thord Daniel Hedengren work as a designer, writer, and blogger.

97 Josue Salazar works as a web designer and social media consultant with NGOs around the world.

98 Gavin Strange UK based web and graphic designer.

99 Eoghan McCabe is a web designer and head dude at Contrast in Ireland.

100 Wolfgang Bartelme is a Web designer in Austria.

As I said before the post feel free to post your comments and your profile if you have been missed out. Also Check out my profile is netgeek06 (Thomson Chemmanoor)

Thomson Chemmanoor is the Founder and CEO at Digital Labz LLC an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in Website Design and Online marketing services for small business. You can follow him on Twitter. Other posts by Thomson Connect with me on Google+

238 Responses to “100 Web Designers to follow on Twitter”

  1. Arthur Brown says:

    Wow this is truly a surprise. There are so many people on this list that I am currently following like Jacob Cass. Its truly an honor to be on this list.

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  3. […] DigitalLabz compiled a list of web designers that are a ‘must follow’ on Twitter. I found that I’m following a few of them already [Mike Smith and Jacob Cass]. They are not only informative, but if you build a good relationship, they may be able to help you out of a CSS emergency. [Via DigitalLabz] […]

  4. Mark Nutter says:

    And of course Mark Nutter, creator of http://twitterless.com :-). The only two on this list I follow are Pieters and Croft. I’d love to follow them all but I can barely keep up with the 50 followers I have as it is.

  5. zacheos says:

    Nice list… Thanks for the #53 ranking!

  6. Nice list, and yes, thanks for #42 ranking, already following to many of those people! :)

  7. Matthew Irish says:

    two notable designers – but not sure their tweets have a whole lot to do with design:
    Nathan Borror – playgroundblues.com and the fledgling readernaut.com
    Wilson Miner – wilsonminer.com

  8. Shyril says:

    Where are Dave Malouf (daveixd), Jared Spool (jmspool) (!), Jens Meiert (j9t) (!), Robert Hoekman (rjhr) (!), ? The bel etage is empty.

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  10. Hey, thanks for including me on the list.
    Please correct my name, it’s without the “m” at the end.

  11. Jos Carlos says:

    How about Andy Clarke? His a designer not to be missed in any of this lists!

  12. wow, wow, and wow! Thanks for a superb list! time to add!!!!


  13. one of my favourite designers is Veerle Pieters, really good, don’t know if she tweets though.


    Great list btw and thanks so much for posting.

  14. Joe Dinker says:

    I like to follow #cacpro – http://www.twitter.com/cacpro – I would check him out, he is the owner of a Design Agency in PA. Lots of Good Stuff.

  15. Warwick Kay says:

    thank you for adding me on this list. There are so many ppl that I look up to on this list, it is a great honor to be listed among them.

    Warwick Kay – ireckon.com

  16. Great list for Web Designers
    Thanks you very much. I followed all

  17. Great list, most I am following, with many following me, most of these have given me such great inspiration, so I would advise you all to follow these people.

  18. Gav says:

    Aww wow, thanks man, thanks for including me!

    Much appreciated,

    ~ Gav.

  19. I’ve found many on the list very helpful and ready to take time out if you need help in some way.

    Thanks for the mention : )

  20. Relly says:

    Jeremy Keith is an awesome human being but you know @clearleft is the company tweet account?
    So, why not take out the second Jeremy Keith in your list and replace it with Clearleft’s designer Paul Annett @nicepaul ?

    (He’s going to kill me for this. Possible both of them will)

  21. Valerio Vaz says:

    Hey, great list! You can check out my profile also at twitter.com/vvaz

  22. 100 Web Designers To Follow On Twitter…

    […]If you?re looking to connect with other web designers on twitter then this 100 web designers who use twitter will help you. This Twitter List will give you a chance to follow some very talented web designers.[…]…

  23. Niki Brown says:

    Thanks for having me on the list! However you have my twitter link wrong: i’m not styletime. #47 Niki http://twitter.com/nebrow and the link to my website isnt active :)


  24. Cristhian says:

    Hey, thanks for adding me on the list! 😀

  25. ArleyM says:

    I think Paul Boag is worth a mention, his web podcast is awesome. @boagworld

  26. Good list – even if I wasn’t on it. ;-D


  27. James Paden says:

    Thanks for the list! Wish I was on it: http://twitter.com/xemion/

  28. nice list. thanks for nod.

  29. nmyra says:

    Good idea to put this list together. The designer community on Twitter is thriving. I think you should add Nick Shipes, designer for urban 10 [interactive], to your list. u10int = an architecture refugee entrepreneur now engaged in freelance graphic design and interactive development. A blogger, thinker, and photographer. Likes trail mix. Loves coffee. Enjoys seeing the occasional decoy owl or two.

    Twitter name: u10int

  30. Hey, thanks for adding me in the list! Especially in the top 10 :)

  31. Anca says:

    Hey, thanks for including me on this list. Does this mean I need to twitter more about web design? :)

  32. Leon Poole says:

    There are some great web designers on this list. I’m honored to be included. Thank you!

  33. admin says:

    Mark Nutter, truly Pieters and Croft they are great designers.

  34. Thanks for including me! I’m following a lot of them already, but there’s loads more that I should probably add! So many great people are on Twitter. 😀

  35. That’s a great list! All those people are super rad, and doing a good job and continuing on with their passions! Way to go MCastilla, that’s mah boy!

  36. Graham Smith says:

    Wowzer, awesome list, even better coz im on it. Yay.

    Seriously, thanks for including me here with such legendary names.

    Just a small plug in the name of Twitter, I have my own Twitter list for Designers etc, that is now at 197+ names so far submitted, you basically submit you’re own Twitter ID in a comment. I will be adding this link to the post also.

    You can find it here:


    Thanks again
    Graham Smith

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  38. Scott Runkel says:

    Although I suppose this is shameless self-promotion, I encourage you to checkout my site: http://www.listensenserespond.com, and would greatly appreciate your consideration to be included on the list.

    I will be following many of you soon!


    Best Regards,

    Scott Runkel

  39. Excellent list! I was just looking for such a list. Now I’ll get to work…

  40. Jason says:

    Thanks for the add. Great list. This can save people the time of searching within the twitter site to connect with others.

  41. redwall_hp says:

    Thanks for the mention. It’s cool being in a list with Snook, Collis, and David Airey. :)

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  43. Thomson says:

    Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response for this blog post. If any one of them is missed out still post your twitter profile here.


  44. Nathan Rice says:

    Not to just try to hop on the bandwagon, but I think you’d be satisfied to follow me as well:


    Also, there are a couple of lists more specific to WordPress community lists that you guys should check out:


  45. Wes Wilson says:

    Great compilation! I am following a lot of these users, but also have a lot to add. Thanks for including me in the list, its an honor!

  46. Wow… this is a great list, but the girls have really got to start REPRESENTING!

  47. Jonic says:

    Haha! How on earth did I end up on this list? I’m totally not worthy to (only just) be listed with some of the most important guys in the industry! Ah well, I’m grateful for it.. I wondered where all those new followers were coming from! Thanks :)

  48. Hey!
    Thanks for adding me to this list! I appreciate it. Awesome list of great designers too. Very grateful :)

    twitter: @nicholaspatten



  49. mindxstudio says:

    It’s a great list, here I am new, please have a look:
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/mindxstudio
    Web services: http://www.mindxstudio.com/


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