All business, whether product- or service-based, is built around an offer.  In the science of language, requests, offers and promises are three acts of speech that allow for coordination of action between human beings.  Offers alone contain all three acts since offers are requests to accept a promise to satisfy a need.  The most effective business offers are those that effectively communicate how a product or service will specifically satisfy a consumer need.  This is the basis upon which all advertising and marketing content should be based.

The power of language lies in its ability to drive behavior.  Perceptions drive behavior and all perception is in language.  Consumer perception drives sales. Most often these perceptions are forged by the language of the offer that is made. This places a great deal of importance on the language that is used in crafting the offer because the purpose of an offer is to evoke a response.  The same can be said for social media.  Social media is an element of content marketing that serves to influence an audience to take action. The most successful social media sites are those that provide content that adds value and/or satisfies one or more needs of a community.

Inherent within an effective offer is knowledge about the audience to whom the offer is made.  This relates to knowing what the audience needs. Social media provides an interactive forum for a business to ascertain what the consumer is looking for, as well as what language is the most effective in communicating an offer.  Social media is most effective in meeting business goals when it serves as a proving ground for the development of rich, value-added content.

Adding digital assets such as images, graphics or video and audio to the social media offer can serve to enhance the ability of the content to evoke a response.  The founders of Facebook constructed their offer around a request for members to join with the promise that they could interact with other online members.  The offer obviously satisfied a need.  As Facebook offered more opportunities for sharing photos, interests, information and the like, their offer expanded in order to satisfy the needs of their members and commensurately their membership expanded as well.

Truth, sincerity and relevance are essential elements when creating a social media offer.  The most well crafted content will fall flat if it is irrelevant or does not ring true to the intended audience. Sincere content in particular, can help to distinguish a social media site from the others, especially if it evokes an emotional response by inserting human interest content.

The most effective social media offers drive behavior by satisfying the needs of a target audience. They are crafted around truthful, sincere and relevant language that can be enhanced with multimedia assets and human interest content.

Thomson Chemmanoor is the Founder and CEO at Digital Labz LLC an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in Website Design and Online marketing services for small business. You can follow him on Twitter. Other posts by Thomson Connect with me on Google+

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